Application and Care Instructions

How to apply?
  1. Gently remove your lashes from the tray - starting with the corner of the band. NEVER pull on the eyelashes themselves.
  2. Measure for sizing. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape, trim accordingly.
  3. Apply thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band, allow it to dry for 30 seconds, then apply the band to your lash line.
  4. Repeat the steps for the other eye.

Now you are glammed with FLAWLESS lashes and ready to go! 

Care Instructions 

  • Remove excess glue from lash band - while securing the lash band use tweezers to remove glue build up.
  • Wash lash band - avoid getting any water on your eyelashes, to avoid messing up the lash curl. Use a wet q-tip to remove any residue on the lash band.
  • Place lashes back in case - place your lashes back on the original tray to help hold the shape. Your lash box should remain closed to prevent bacteria and dust from getting on your flawless lashes.